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Tooling and Molds production

Tooling&molds services include:

    * Part design assistance 
    * Tooling development 
    * Injection molding production and other production processes 
    * Secondary operation, machining 
    * Surface treatment, printing, painting, plating, powder/PVD coating 
    * Assembling and packaging 
    * Complete logistics management

Advantages of manufacturing in China / Taiwan:

    * Tremendous cost savings in tooling
    * Lower labor cost for injection molding, secondary operation and assembling
    * Shorter tooling development time and faster time to market manufacturing
    * Success guaranteed: PPAP (production part approval process) and process
       capability  studies, professional management team and experienced engineers 
       assure success of tooling development, production and shipment 
    * Pilot and short run quality control production available upon tooling completion

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